Alexandre Keto

"I believe that art is a tool that enables this direct intervention, opening new horizons – but in a real and accessible way, so it really reaches people.That is why today I do art having in mind social issues, so it can be one more tool for building knowledge."
Brazilian painter and sculptor Alexandre Keto's works can be found in the permanent collections of the Brazilian Embassies in Ghana and Belgium. Influenced by samba, Orisha worship, and American graffiti, Keto's mission is to celebrate, reconnect, and value the African heritage. Keto's paintings are versions of the gods and goddesses of the ancestral Yoruba traditions, and his sculptures are influenced by African statues, especially those by the Yoruba and Baole people. Keto's works are vivid, eclectic, and celebratory.
Growing up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Alexandre Keto began drawing and painting at six years old. Keto’s masterpieces are heavily influenced by Samba, his spiritual Orisha worship, and by American graffiti. Samba gained its roots from Africa via the West African slave trade and through religious practices of African people. Keto through his work wanted to celebrate African heritage and share the beauty with the world. Keto has completed more than 1,000 murals and paintings in over 21 countries - collaborating on social projects with notable organizations such as United Nations, The United States Consulate, The Brazilian Embassy, and Doctors Without Borders. Keto has also partnered with several grassroots organizations, helping to spread his message of community in underserved areas around the world.
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