Ansel Butler


Ansel Butler is a progressive and innovative artist that is originally from Omaha, Nebraska. As a young child, his parents knew early that he had a significant connection to art and creativity but were unsure of how that path would or should manifest. In an effort to foster their son’s creativity, they decided to locate ways to grow his natural ability for what he loved by placing him in several art competitions at an early age, as well as including him in an after school art program held by The Jocelyn Art Museum. Being involved in programs and competitions proved to be a turning point and a guide for what Ansel would do and become in the future. As a teenager he became quite the entrepreneur by working in a local space in Omaha airbrushing portraits, t-shirts, hats, jeans, leather jackets and back drops for local businesses. Ansel, in his youthful wisdom, knew that he would need business strength to continue to do what he loved and decided to continue his education at Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where he graduated with dual degrees. He has lived in many cities, traveled the globe and now makes his home in Atlanta, Georgia where he continually creates and stretches his vision in the art world. His path to being an artist has been anything but traditional, his accolades are many, his vision continues to astound, his creativity is genius and his pieces have transformed over the years and reside in homes and businesses all across the globe.

Being the progressive visionary artist that is Ansel Butler, he utilizes a broad range of styles such as acrylics, oils and stains on cotton, wood, canvas and multimedia surfaces. He also represents a style of art that utilizes exotic colors that will compliment or contrast with one another and a washed technique for a more classic view allowing for a more diverse and broad range of styles in his renderings. This type of versatility in using such traditional and “untraditional” methods coupled with the subject matter that he chooses allows for a visual escape while providing a gentle reminder of the things that touch our lives. His ingenuity in the combination of abstract portraits and cultural elements are the touch stones that reflect his evolution as an artist. Ansel’s expression of the journey from new to seasoned artist, along with the extraordinary capacity to create are the perfect storm in creating the expansion of the artist he will become as time moves him forward and his creativity continues to implode on surfaces to bring his vision to life.

When asked about his passion, his life’s work, Ansel stated: "Art isn't supposed to be stagnant. Art is alive. It moves just as the person that renders it moves with their brush. Art must grow and change just as the artist must grow and change. I was once asked to label my life’s work and in reality I was uninterested. But if I had to explain it, I would define it as subtle stitches in time. From portraits to abstract renderings to images that are gentle reminders of the things that touch our lives from a contemporary artistic view".

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